Plates who?

Yup, KeyboardPlates.com, we are group of enthusiasts of mechanical keyboards dedicated to bring fine, different and cool keyboard plates and other products to the community at affordable prices.

Where are you from?

We are located in Barcelona, Spain.


The service

Where the plates come from?

We are partnered with LaserBoost™, a metal manufacturer focused on laser cutting. We produce large volumes of goods with them which means low cost per unit, giving us the opportunity of launch keyboard plates and group buys at affordable prices.

Why my product is dropped on your partner’s cart?

In order to reduce costs to get a lower product prices, we use the cart and shipping service from our partner.  His high-productive volumes mixed with his shipping rates make the products more affordable and the makes possible to get this faster. You have to pay the items there, thanks! ;)


When will my order ship?

It takes to us 48h to process and wrap with love the in-stock products. For the group buy products, just check the group buy estimated shipping date.


I want to cancel, modify or check the status of my order, how do I proceed?

No problem, just mails contact us, we are here to help you.

My order is not exactly what I expected…

Oh! We are really sorry about that! Feel free to tell us what has happen, we will find a fast solution to the problem.

Group Buys

What is a group buy?

Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. – thanks Wikipedia®


How it works?

Well, you will see the price breaks of the product; this changes in relation with the number of interested costumers. You can check the current price break in the group buy product page, we will update this value regularly.

If you are interested in the group buy, you will pay the “launch price” and shipping costs. Then, after close date, if some of the price breaks got achieved, you will get the difference refunded.

The products will ship on the estimated shipping date shown.

Payment methods and cancelations.

All payments and refunds will work via PayPal™. You can cancel your group buy order up to three days before the close date, we will refund all the import. No problem.

For any doubt, cancelation or alien invasion,

contact us here o mail us at hello@keyboardplates.com.


Limited Edition

Keyboard Hardware.

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